Living in Honolulu, we may not notice the arrival of spring as much as other places, given our year-round sunshine and lack of snowfalls. However, many people in Hawaii, including the elderly, still partake in the annual tradition of spring cleaning. While caregivers’ primary role is not to be a senior’s cleaner, they still help out around the house with cleaning. Though the process of picking up after a senior may seem straightforward, there are deeper benefits to having a caregiver help out around the house. 

Maintaining a Healthy and Safe Home

Having help to clean may reveal issues that a senior may miss on their own. For example, caregivers may uncover problems in the home that seniors weren’t aware of, such as leaks, pests, or mold. Whether it’s due to forgetfulness or poor eyesight, it can be easy for seniors to miss caring for parts of their home that are in need of maintenance. These small issues could be indicative of larger problems, and by bringing them to light, caregivers can help seniors address them before they become bigger issues that could lead to dangers for a senior’s health or safety.

Keep, Donate, Sell: Staying Organized

Deeper cleans, where a senior wants to clear out or organize rooms in their home, can offer a valuable opportunity for a senior and their family to take inventory of their heirlooms or valuables and make sure they’re taken care of. You don’t have to be a senior to know how much stuff we can accumulate over years of living in one place. For seniors, this accumulation is often very apparent. However, as they age, they may forget what valuable or cherished items they have or even where they keep these items. Additionally, many seniors have ideas of whom they’d like to hold onto certain items or what they’d like donated or sold in the future. Steadily working through this type of organization with a caregiver can not only help to ensure that a senior’s wishes are documented but can also offer a great opportunity to clear out unneeded clutter and keep a senior’s space feeling tidy and safe.

A Clean Space is A Happy Space

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, living in a clean space is tied to numerous benefits to improve mental and physical health. Clutter and mess can create a feeling of chaos and stress, while a clean and organized environment can create a sense of calm and order. A clean home can establish pride in one’s living space. This, in turn, can make it easier and more enjoyable for a senior to have guests over, leading to an improved social life and sense of community. Finally, a clean home can reduce the presence of allergens, dust, and other harmful particles that can negatively impact a senior’s health.

While a caregiver offers much more to a senior’s life than a helping hand around the house, the benefits of this assistance will be felt in numerous areas of their life. Explore HMC HomeCare and everything our caregivers can offer the senior in your life. Contact us today!